A Limb Between Two Greens

A Limb Between Two Greens is the first sound collaboration between E.O.M. and Alexander Holm. The project investigates a terrain of possible encounters between two separate yet similar environments: 

The Landbo Højskolens Have in Copenhagen and the Görlitzer park in Berlin.  

In a time of increasing lockdown-claustrophobia, where infrastructures of both inner and outer landscapes seems heavily distorted, this project has been developed out of an immediate urge to explore specific sites within this bended reality.  
The garden and the park used as backgrounds for the investigations can both be seen as breathable areas or leisure shells, establishing space of thought, dream and rest. Through this project E.O.M. produces a unique style of unworldly folk joining hands with SV-manager Alexander Holm’s atomised field recordings. We hope that this project will be used as entry to further explorations.

Cassette designed by Wilfred Wagner.