We are happy to present Claus Haxholms new instalment H of his Soft Items project, still dealing with architechture and more emotional and sensory experiences of/with houses, rooms and walls. 
The fragmented cut-up but at the same time calm collages are experiments in sparse/modest sonic architechtures, working with space and pauses that at times may seem counter-intuitive or like a wall where you remembered a door; a key to implement compositional rooms and labyrinths.
The music derives from an improvised session on the top floor of a House in Tokyo, while touring in Japan in the spring of 2019 . A good memory though strangely distant to think back on in a time where concerts out of our local zones aren’t possibble.
We’ve produced a limited run of patches commemorating Haxholm’s music and this hazy Tokyo rooftop memory. These will ship by start december, and comfort any jacket, hat or shoe in need.

SV49 — November 13th 2020