Storm Hat — Mind Matter

These sounds are only sounds, nothing else. They tell nothing, they mean nothing. They are produced on primitive hand-built synths + mixed with recordings of more or less random incidents in reality and then further processed with various software. They are not indifferent, even if they mean nothing. They exist and come alive now after a few years of storage on the computer, where they have been lying weathering and molding. I find them and they surprise me, I do not recognize the sounds. Who made them? How have they been produced? I wonder and feel alien. I cannot see myself in them and I lose myself in a liberating world without logic. The sound of Stormhat with everything that comes with it. The sour and the sweet. I want the sound to evoke some kind of trance. Like the sound of machines knocking, whining, screaming, and hissing. A composition in perpetual change. Uninterrupted encounters between antagonistic events without the idea of ​​balance and without a unified order. I want to accept what happens and only intervene when there are no other options.