Sitting Close To A Stranger

“Sitting Close To A Stranger” presents unreleased tracks of Young Bragi along side favourite harp artists and storytellers. Among many darlings it features Alice Coltrane, Andreas Vollenweider and Dorothy Ashby. It features a live recording of Dawda Jorbateh from his concert at next door record shop Insula Musicʼs last day before closing down (RIP). It features the theme song of the original computergame Zelda OCT (a recommendable game for wintertimes). It features a short remix of the lovely harp sensei Helen Daviesʼs beautiful tune transitioning into Casimirʼs Yulecat tale from It features an edit of young bragi practice with Mads Kristian Frøslev and a mashup of Ange Halliwell, Nina Simone and Brandee Younger. The reversed version of Alvin Lucierʼs Sitting in A Room is another personal highligt.

“Sitting Close To a Stranger” is made for long distance friend Cesar Ruizʼs radioshow which will broadcast sometime in the future. Now pre-shared through source: